Water Testing

Collection and Testing of Water Samples
The Paris-Lamar County Health District accepts samples of water intended for human consumption. These samples must be submitted in sterile treated bottles supplied by the Paris-Lamar County Health District. Appropriate forms will also be supplied by the Health District.

Water samples are only accepted until 10 AM on Tuesday (except on holidays). Sterile sample bottles and forms can be picked up from Paris-Lamar County Health District.  Water samples must be drawn late on Monday afternoon or early Tuesday morning.

Water is tested for the presence of total coliform bacteria and E.coli. The analysis takes 24 hours to complete.

The fee for water testing is $36 per bottle. Payment by cash or check only is due at time of service.

Information for sample collection is available at the Paris-Lamar County Health District located at 400 West Sherman Street in Paris, Texas.

For information on water testing call 903-785-4561